Rosaja Extra Dry


100% Raboso.

Soil and vineyards

Clayey soil, rich in mineral salts; planting density of 5,000 vines per hectare, with Guyot pruning, for a limited yield per hectare.


Manual harvesting at the end of October.

Vinification and ageing

The manual harvest begins once the grapes have reached the optimum levels of total acidity, sugars and phenolic maturity; they are then destemmed and crushed. The first-pressing must is separated from the rest of the grapes and ferments with carefully selected yeasts (without the skins), in stainless-steel tanks at a controlled temperature (18°C). The base thus produced is ready to begin conversion to sparkling wine using the Charmat Method, at a constant temperature (16-18°C). After filtration and isobaric bottling, the wine is ready to be released onto the market.

Maturation potential

Thanks to the organoleptic properties inherited by our Raboso grapes, this wine has great ageing potential, reaching its apex after 10-12 months of in-bottle ageing, when its maturity and polish are unmatched; if you prefer to savour it at its fruitiest, it is advisable to drink it after 6-8 months of in-bottle ageing.

Tasting notes

Pink colour tending towards cherry; abundant, evanescent foam, fine and long-lasting perlage; the bouquet is fruity, characteristic, highly refined and elegant, laced with notes of wild strawberry, rennet apple and breadcrumbs; the palate is smooth, delicate, pleasantly acidulous and intensely fruity.

Alcohol content

12% by vol.