Prosecco Frizzante DOC


100% Glera.

Soil and vineyards

Clayey, gravelly soil; planting density of 3,500 vines per hectare, with Sylvoz pruning, for a yield of around 170 quintals per hectare.


Manual harvesting in the first ten days of September.

Vinification and ageing

The grapes are manually harvested and placed in drawers, before undergoing soft pressing at a pressure of 1 ATM (they are not destemmed or crushed, with a view to preserving their organoleptic properties). The first-pressing must is then subject to cold natural settling, and ferments with selected yeasts for 8 days, in stainless-steel tanks, at a controlled temperature (18°C). The base thus produced is ready to begin conversion to semi-sparkling wine using the Charmat Method, which continues for 25 days at a constant temperature (16-18°C) in order to generate a soft, long-lasting foam. After filtration and isobaric bottling, the wine is ready to be released onto the market.

Tasting notes

Pale straw-yellow colour with greenish edges, and a fine, persistent perlage; both the bouquet and the palate are reminiscent of hawthorn and white flowers (particularly acacia), and feature fruity notes of apple and pear; the creamy foam is complemented by a characteristically crisp acidity.

Alcohol content

10.5% by vol.