Cabernet Franc DOC Venezia


100% Cabernet Franc.

Soil and vineyards

Clayey soil, rich in mineral salts; planting density of 5,000 vines per hectare, with Guyot pruning, for a limited yield per hectare.


Manual harvesting in the third week of September.

Vinification and ageing

The manual harvest begins once the grapes have reached the optimum levels of total acidity, sugars and phenolic maturity; they are then destemmed and crushed. The fermentation of the must is then carried out, in contact with the skins, for 7 days, at a controlled temperature (28°C) in stainless-steel tanks. After devatting, the wine is aged in stainless-steel tanks until malolactic fermentation is complete (around 8-10 months). Bottled without filtering, the wine undergoes in-bottle ageing for 6-12 months, and is then ready to be released onto the market.

Maturation potential

Complete maturation is reached after 4-5 years of ageing.

Tasting notes

Bright ruby-red colour; typical, heady, intense and faintly grassy bouquet, recalling slightly-bitter cherry; clear hints of raspberry come to the fore when young; the tannic palate is dry, full-bodied, well-balanced and elegantly herbaceous.

Alcohol content

13% by vol.


Why a Cabernet Franc Selection? We decided to create a showcase version of the variety that best encapsulates our identity, reducing the average yield per hectare in a small section of the vineyard, in order to achieve higher quality, and then bottling the wine without filtering, thus conserving its structure and body as fully as possible. As a result, being an unfiltered wine, any sediment in the bottle is indicative of the natural process of stabilisation and confirms the authenticity of the product.