We are located

just a short distance from Oderzo, in the Eastern Veneto region, between Venice and the Dolomites, in a part of Italy with very deep-rooted winemaking traditions.

We are a family

which for 60 years has been cultivating 25 hectares of vineyards situated between the Livenza and Monticano rivers, in the only part of the area in which the terrain has a clayey composition and is rich in mineral salts. The red wines made here are generally well-structured, whereas the whites are delicately fruity.

As a company

we make production decisions with a view to preserving the identity of the territory that we have inherited, taking care not to alter its authentic character in any way.

At the winery

you will receive our understated but warm and generous welcome, very much in keeping with our personality as winemakers.


These production decisions and this type of unpretentious hospitality have led, over time, to a great result: the development, together with you, of a real understanding of how to drink well. This, for us, is what culture is all about.



Over the years, many of you have asked us: “What does your logo represent?”

Our answer is:
the Sun of Bernardino of Siena.
It is also the objective of our endeavours.

Isn’t it curious sometimes how one can be drawn to something on an aesthetic level, only to discover later just how much it actually reflects who we are deep down? This is what happened to us, when the time came to give the company a co-ordinated brand image.

We decided to follow our hearts, and our family’s values, and let the world of art offer us some ideas. Before we knew it – we’re in the 1990s – an exquisite fresco of a sun with the monogram JHS in the middle (which can be found around almost every corner – if you keep your eyes open – on the town houses of nearby Treviso) had captivated our imagination… this was the one! The Sun, the element inextricably linked with nature and agriculture, is the most striking and immediate of the elements, if you will, yet none is richer in meaning.

This fresco of St. Bernardino, with the simplicity and sophistication that drew us to it, is a piece of the art heritage of our community, which thus also gives us a link with the local area.

The parallels did not end there, however: when we looked more closely at the life and works of St. Bernardino (1380-1444), a Franciscan friar, we found him to be a theologian with a careful eye for the practical aspects of life and a pioneering expert in the field of work. He was a popular champion of the values of honesty, consistency, simplicity and clarity in work as in life, with respect for nature and for human beings as individuals, basing his teachings on clear and direct arguments. We immediately realised that sharing his ideas gave us a feeling of endorsement in the work of our business.

For us, this was the second beginning in our history: to have found a single element to embody the union of the twin identities which make us who we are.

A family, with its values, interests and skills, which along the way also became recognizable as a winemaking company, which carried those values, interests and skills with it, and continually draws from them as it aims for growth. The story continues.